Introduction to Digital Humanities

ENGL 76-429/829

Spring 2020

Carnegie Mellon University


Scott B. Weingart / / @scott_bot


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Location: Wean 4418 (Sorrells Library)

Time: WF 9am-10:20am

Office Hours: Sorrells Library Den, Wednesdays 1:00-3:30


This course introduces students to core methods and readings in Digital Humanities. Students will read and engage with a wide array of sources, from foundational texts to fictional accounts to patents to legal briefings. In an effort to facilitate non-traditional collaborations, the course is open to (a.) humanities students curious about computational approaches to humanistic questions and (b.) students with technical, data-driven, or design backgrounds interested in contributing to humanistic knowledge. Please note: Freshmen are prohibited from registering for this course. Sophomores must obtain instructor permission.

For more details, see the Course Details. For the weekly schedule and list of readings, see the Schedule.